The Pepsi Miracle

Amid landslides and swine flu deaths, I went to Baguio to spend time with my boyfriend. I even got an extra day off from work!

Though we obviously did much more than eat, here’s a chronicle of our food forays. Oh, note that I’m a meat-eater again. I’m so sorry, PETA pals!

Day 1. Two huge metal bowls of fried SM Bonus frozen french fries (P149) and slightly rancid chicken poppers. Plus Jose Cuervo tequila shots on the side. Jason didn’t like the taste so much. He also gave me pancakes and a hash brown from McDonald’s in the morning.

Day 2. We ate brunch at “Starbowl Haus and Cafe” along Session Road. Seriously one of my favorite Chinese restaurants because it’s like a cheaper version of “Mann Hann.”

Shrimp and Broccoli rice bowl – P110

Beef teriyaki with onion rice – P130

Radish cake – P50 for 3 pieces (My favorite!)

Oh, and here, Jason sealed his personal covenant with God when he found out that his can of Pepsi yielded much more soda than he expected. He likened it to the biblical story of Jesus magically multiplying those baskets of bread and fish to feed all his followers.

And dessert was a set of colorful cupcakes from a Brownies store. The following picture is my personal suggestion of what a cupcake ad should look like.

Day 3. For lunch, we ate steak from Steaks n’ Toppings at the SM Baguio Foodcourt. The meat was tough and overdone, the rice was dry and flaky, and the gravy was sloppy – all as expected. We had Jollibee crispy fries on the side.

Sizzling Tenderloin steak – P90
Sizzling Tenderloin tips – P90

A few hours before I left Baguio, we had coffee and dessert at Vizco’s along Session Road. The restaurant is owned by my younger brother’s classmate’s family. Props to the fam.

The cheesecake was nice and tangy, with just enough kick but Jason’s Tiramisu was a bit too fluffy. We expected more weight to the mousse, and a lot more chocolate for our money.

Sugar-free Mango Cheesecake – P85 per slice

Tiramisu – P75 per slice

It’s only the bag of fries that made a convert out of me. pepseh.

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