Of Cory and quiches

I have never been a fan of Cory Aquino, mainly because she stood for many things I don’t believe in:
  • that the EDSA “revolution” and the toppling of a dictator was a result of prayer and divine intervention. It was not. It was a series of events spurned by the collective actions of a group of people.
  • being a member of the landlord class. If the Cojuangcos’ Hacienda Luisita is an example of the oppression this class brings, then I dislike her by association.
  • allowing (whether she knew it or not) the prevailing political system BEFORE Marcos to continue. That is, having a country ruled by patronage politics, dynasties, rent systems, colonial systems – the brand of democracy we know and love.
  • birthing the horror that is Kristina Bernadette “Kris” Aquino.
Then again, I give her points for many good things too:
  • Being so damn charismatic and motherly. Her presence has this subliminal comfort factor whenever you see her at anti-Arroyo rallies or solidarity events. I think because we see a little bit of our own lolas in her.
  • You can say all you want about her, but you can’t dispute that she was good, honest and kind. This is one advantage of being prayerful. As a leader, she may have made some wrong decisions. But I doubt if she was ever intentionally deceitful like President Arroyo.
  • Establishing herself as an “icon of democracy.” I suppose people needed a symbol of democracy at a time when the public was trying to recover from an extremely vile dictatorship. And she did her part well, even up to her death. As that, she became one of many unifying factors in our country’s history.
  • She avoided extravagance when she could. Even in death, she insisted on a simple burial. That’s pretty hard when you’re in power, really.
So in the end, she wasn’t a saint. But she was no bitchesa either. For that, I respect her as a leader, an icon, and a person who looks like my grandmother. RIP Cory.
Mourning with a yellow Starbucks quiche at the office. There’s a part of the quiche that sort of reminded me of her – the orange bit are the lips, the two grooves are her eyes, the wavy quiche crust is like her kinky hair.

Farmhouse cheese quiche – P75 (VAT inclusive)

Cory photo source: fjsanchez.files.wordpress.com

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