Starting over

1. I was indirectly asked to get out of my parents’ house, so I can be “happier on my own.” In the grand scheme of things, I must find a new place to live. I also need to get a futon.

2. Love is going haywire, so suddenly I need to tread carefully. Delete all the things that need deleting and steer clear of things that set bad things in motion. Mercurial moods don’t solve anything.

3. I am signing up for yoga classes, pilates classes, and starting the Abs diet anew. Aside from ridding excess emotional baggage, I also need the endorphins. They trick you into thinking that you’re happy, and I need that a lot of that these days. Pole-dancing can wait.

4. I have set up a fund for my future. That’s one of the few advantages of this job – that I get paid.

5. There’s is truth the to the annoying Friendster relationship tag “It’s Complicated TM.” How can things be complicated? You love that one person, simple as that.

6. I plan to commemorate this harrowing, emotional roller-coaster, detox, phase of my life with a phoenix tattoo. This time I have a good reason. It reminds me that we always get burned in this life, but the trick is to start over, for as long as it takes to survive.


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