Fish and Chips

This is the latest in my comfort food series. Haha.

No doubt, you may have tried fish fillet many times. But the trick for me is in the batter.

Some of the best fish and chips dishes I’ve ever tried were my mom’s beer-batter crispy fish and Teriyaki Boy‘s Fish n’ Chips.

The latest contender is T.G.I. Friday‘s crispy fish dish.

Tortilla-crusted Fish – P 350 (VAT exclusive)

No doubt, the fact that we availed of the special business-meeting menu could have had something to do with the substandard taste. I liked the crispiness of the fish, but it was a bit bland. The rice was dry.

And the waiters/waitresses kept messing up our orders because they wouldn’t write them down, they’d just memorize them (and they’d fail 40% of the time). I haven’t tried their whole menu so I won’t pass judgment for now.

As for chips, I’ve found a pretty cheap alternative at our office cafeteria.

Cassava chips – P25 per pack

It’s lightly salted and cheesy, so have tissue on hand for orange fingertips. It’s pretty hard to chew, but hits the spot.

Also, isn’t cassava supposed to be good for you?


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