1. Getting some downtime with friend (singular) and family. After sort of neglecting and being neglected.

2. Finishing some important stories. Like the SONA fashion story. A reader said it was sexist, that if the President wasn’t a woman, we wouldn’t do a retrospective piece on his contribution to fashion. I beg to differ: Bush’s fashion legacy as the blue-tie president.

3. Watching “Harry Potter.” Which by now has a track record of pretty lame ways of killing off their lead characters. The love-triangle subplots were sort of… eh. It was like watching a rom-com with action scenes few and far between.

And Harry suddenly wanting Ginny for her great skin? Where did CHO CHANG GO??? The rise of a dictator (dark wizard) and the ‘disappearances’ are very political themes. I would love to see how that plays out. We know the good guys win in the end, and the dark vs. light/ evil vs. good is pretty much one of the top stereotypical dichotomies of all time. That was partly the basis for colonization, mind you (white better than black).

Anyway, I should get the Harry Potter books 5, 6, and 7 for Christmas and finish them, if only for closure.

4. I can get a day off this week in exchange for spending my Saturday at the Yahoo! thing. They should honestly get Barney as their mascot, what with the purple obsession. Sat next to a guitarist of Pedicab, who sounded like a douche, I don’t know if he is.


1. Realizing I am one fat sumbitch.

2. Realizing that at this late stage in my life, I still have anger management issues.

3. So many stories left to write, and no inspiration. Gah.


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