Birthday noodles

It was my Mom’s 50th birthday today, and we celebrated at Eat Well! Delicious Kitchen at the Fort Bonifacio Global City.

It serves authentic Chinese food, courtesy of a Hong Kong chef (allegedly pirated from the Edsa Shangri-La).

Expect herds of Chinese people at the place, and a long wait outside before you get a table. Entertain yourself with the place mat squares silkscreened directly on the vinyl tablecloth!

They don’t have a purely vegetarian menu, since meat or seafood are mixed with everything else. So for this evening, I reverted to my seafood-eating ways.

Since we ate a banquet, I’ll stick to the highlights.

Shrimp Hakaw dumplings – P125 (VAT exclusive)

Typical Hakaw you would find at any Chinese restaurant. Points to them for using hefty shrimp servings. If you want a real kick, try it the traditional way – with black vinegar (akin to “sukang Iloko”) and slurped from a Chinese soup spoon.

Birthday Noodles – P220 (VAT exclusive)

It’s pretty saucy and not too overpowering. Doesn’t reek of MSG. Share with 2 or 3 others so you don’t get drunk on long life.

Pan-fried eggplant stuffed with minced shrimp – P238 (VAT exclusive)

Aside from the taste, be awed at how exactly they stuffed eggplant slices with shrimp meat. It would do well with a dash of parmesan cheese on the top, but we can’t defy Chinese tradition.

The allegedly best thing on the menu should have been the Fried string beans with minced pork (P160), but it was unavailable. Their mint iced tea is refreshing in a weird chrysanthemum-flavored way.

The real winner of the evening, however, was the dessert! Value for your money too!

Masachi with chocolate filling – P48 for 6 pieces (VAT exclusive)

It’s like a 5-peso coin sized rice cake ball rolled in peanut powder with a tiny dollop of hot white chocolate in the center. When you pop it in your mouth and chew, it’s like the sweet chocolate explodes in your mouth. What is a Marachi? I think it’s an ethnic people. God bless them.

Not up there on the top 5 Chinese restaurants list, and they’re a bit slow on the service, but it’s alright. Happy birthday mom!


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