You know how sometimes people forget your name but they know you already? Or how sometimes, even if they don’t know you, they assume they know your name?

What’s the name they end up calling you?

Mine’s “Michelle.” A PR person called me this, as did a bus driver. Another name is “Kat.” So said my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. Another, less common thing I’ve been called is “Yvonne.”

Mostly, it’s “Michelle.”

Another comment I keep on getting? That I look familiar, that we’ve met before right?, or that someone had introduced us already, even if this is the first time we’ve met.

I suppose it goes two ways. Either your face is unforgettable or so welcoming that they immediately respond to you with familiarity, or that you’re so forgettable (as is your name) because there’s so many like you in the world.


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