Presidential poodle

Every time there’s a big national event like the A (H1N1) outbreak or a big match between Manny Pacquiao and some random opponent, I’m always asked to consider “What’s Lifestyle about it?”

For the “swine flu”, it was the designer face masks thing. For Pacquiao fights, it’s almost always which bars or malls offer promos. For yearly holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s, it’s like, what can you give as gifts when times are tough.

On the other hand, you can’t “Lifestyle” (used as a verb) everything. I haven’t thought of a Lifestyle angle for typhoons, for example.

For the SONA this year, I have been asked to do a fashion story. It’s like the biggest nightmare I have ever had. Mainly because SONA coverage each year is so lacking in in-depth analysis that I fear extra fashion fodder would just be pointless noise in an endless barrage of directionless accounts.

Nevertheless, it is my job as a poodle and I have to do it. There might be a way to coat the tulle puffs with a tough punch.

I have an inkling about how to go about it, but come on. Will you expect Malacañang to dish out dirty details about Arroyo’s dirty designer closet?


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