Week’s worth

Happy Meal!

1. Baguio with boyfriend is the ultimate cure to the blues. “Braveheart” even seems funny when you’re buzzed on Vodka Mudshake, Lay’s chips and Krispy Kreme.
2. There’s something hilarious about wearing a flu mask to work. It makes you think about investing in eye makeup and breath mints since it does little to protect you anyway.
3. The company gives free vitamin C tablets as big as Alka Seltzers. I’ve been peeing neon yellow for two days.
4. Finding two passably entertaining books at a “Buy 1 Take 1” rack at a Greenhills supermarket.*

Unhappy Meal!

1. I need my driver’s license very badly. But I can’t seem to get up at 5 a.m. because I sleep at 2 a.m. Need to get my body clock in sync.
2. Been falling short of story quotas. Either I need a robot army or better time management skills.
3. I don’t know why, but our hamsters have been eating each other of late.

*”Dot in the Universe” by Lucy Ellmann and “Paperback Original” by William Rhode. Imagine having two vaginas and finding yourself on a plane trip to hell with all the food you’ve ever eaten, all the pubes you’ve ever shaved, all the shoes you’ve thrown away piled up in mounds below. That’s the first book. The second one, I haven’t read in full but it starts with a Viagra overdose. That’s as good a sign as any.


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