The personal is political, the political is personal. (Carol Hanisch paraphrased)

Baaad things happening in the country:
1. Worried about the Constitutional Assembly. Mini-me wants to stay in power. Will I wake up tomorrow and we’ll be under a Parliament? I always think of powdered wigs and shudder.
2. Child trafficking of babies or teens. Went to a press launch last night, which tackled the subject. Very sad and disturbing.
3. Still with the stupid sex video. Gah!
(Not in the country but still bad)
4. I have trouble writing at my usual work station. Perhaps it’s feng shui. Good energy only flows in the Regional Editor’s seat.

On the upside:

1. The cab I was riding yesterday almost ran over Tado (the singer dude). Another cab driver, meanwhile, told me he used to drive for Edu Manzano.
2. I am losing weight sloooowly but suuuurely.
3. My boyfriend wants to buy a fighter plane.
4. Because of the amount of stories I’ve published about sex lately, my editor jokes that he’s considering giving me my own sex advice column. Worthy names are: “Filler up”, “Serbisyo ni Servando” and “Kristine’s Kinky Corner.”
5. Reading Neil Gaiman’s (kneel! gay man!) “The Graveyard Book.” I wish I were raised by ghosts. Maybe I wouldn’t be so surly with the living.


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